Monday, March 28, 2011

Visual and Audio Entertainment Transmitted via Radio Waves

THAT was painful!  ...but I got our trip video uploaded!  Now you can join Justin and me as we journey through London, Rome, and Venice!  It's really not the most exciting video.  I love editing... but I am a terrible camera person.  Be prepared to look through the eyes of a hyper-active, easily distracted, slightly uncoordinated crazy face.

All right-y then, let's see if I can post the 5 part series in this here blog:

RATS!  Only Part 1 would upload... and it looks like the quality is worse... Way to fail, Blogger.  Well, here are the YouTube links:

That should do it.

There is a patron at the library-- an older man with a bit of a scowl and a natural inclination to randomly use offensive language and racial slurs-- who LOVES to talk to the librarians.  If we weren't careful, he would tell us war stories all day.  However, up until today, he had never warmed up to me.  I guess he thinks I am too young and blond to know anything about the Korean War and other military/political stuff... he is right.

The past 2 weeks, I've been the only librarian he recognizes at the front desk when he comes in.. we've been having a lot of subs.... I guess today he finally got desperate enough to tell me a story:

"Did you know that W.E.B. Griffin is a pseudonym for William Edmund Butterworth?  I just realized that.  Do you know why I like his books so much?"

"Why is that?"  Oh man, oh man!  I'm about to hear my first McCann story!

"He is very thorough, and he writes about experiences that I am familiar with because I was there.  One of his characters is General MacArthur.  Do you recognize that name?"

"No, sir."

"Well, you are probably too young.  I knew him.  I wasn't close friends with him or anything, he was a rising star and I was a meager Second Lieutenant, but I knew him.  Emperor Douglas we would call him.  Did you know that when he and Truman flew into Japan to meet each other, General MacArthur did not get off his plane to go see Truman... he waited for Truman to get off his plane first.  Smart man."

His stories are very interesting!  I am not big on US history (at all), but it is still fun to hear about his experiences... I just get nervous when he starts in on the racial slurs.... :-/

Also, that picture of Douglas MacArthur looks like Bruce Willis to me.


Tranquility.  I dunno.  That's just what Patrick and I are listening to on channel 884 of DIRECTV right now.  Patrick says if I blog about it then you will all fall asleep.  Brayden is trying to dance to it.  It's not really good dance music.

I sent a text message while I was at work this morning.  GASP!  That is totally frowned upon... making me a rebellious dare-devil... who needed to apologize for something reeeeally bad.  

Dead Man Walking- The Script

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